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Gedicht: To my addiction

To my addiction
My one and only love….
It’s you, and has always been you.
I’m so in love with you that I have to admit you are the love of my life.
You take my breath away..
I can’t get over you… and you never seem to leave my mind.
The thought of you makes my skin crawl.
A rush of blood through my head…. running through my veins…
Pumpin through my heart…. You own me.
How can I live without you..
I obsess about you and am submissive to your wishes.
But you destroy me, we have to part ways…
You have to let me go… I have to let you go….
Although it is hard as the times we spent together felt like magic.
But you tricked me and I can’t allow you to trick me again…
You intoxicated me and sucked me dry.
Now with all my might I have to let you go… my love, my everything
I was forever yours and you were forever mine, but that can’t be no longer…
You almost took my life and ruined everything in it…
Until I became nothing but despair.
Now it is time for me to move on, to listen to you no more…
It’s is now time to close the door and don’t look back.
I’m scared as hell to set you free… cos all I’ve ever known is you…
But I am stronger that that. I complete me
Not you
I choose me
Not you
I love me
Not you
I move on without you
I can
I will
Bye bye my love…
….. no longer yours……